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IGA Services

Start your own Gems & Jewellery business

If you are a NRI or Expatriate or the Local Resident. Be among one of the high profile business community and also be a part ever growing industry of 40 billion USD. It is very easy to get in this field with the help of our professional service. Most of the people they dream of doing gold jewellery business. But when comes to the practical application they back off because of lack of experience and fear of losing. One of the main reasons is that they did not find any mentor or expert who can help them. Keeping this in mind our organization started providing a unique “Professional Consultancy Services”. We provide assistance right from the beginning until you become independent.

Most of our clients & students come to us with little or no experience in the jewellery industry. You will learn the practical aspects of Diamond, Gems & Jewellery business and their real world application. Our Professional Services enables you to receive hands-on training to develop your skills, become a part of the growing jewellery industry with a prosperous future.

IGA Founder Mr. Rasheed Uddin Mohammed and the team is providing their professional services and also providing over 2 decades of “Direct Business Contacts” to our prospective clients

You will not only learn jewellery business secrets, but also where & who to contact for jewellery supplies at:

                 Manufacturing level

                 Wholesale level

                 National level

                 International level &

                 what to buy as the latest trends

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