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Diploma in 

About the Course & its Benefits:
This course has been developed for those who want to build a career in the booming Gems & Jewellery industry.

As a “Gemologist” you can speak the language of gem trade confidently anywhere in the world. You can start your own retail trade, work independently as a wholesale gemstone supplier, work in lab as a “Professional Researcher” & act as a consultant for aspiring customers globally.  

Diploma awarded “Diploma in Gemology

Course Details:
• Introduction to gemology
• Introduction to different types of gems
• Precious & semiprecious gemstones
• Shapes & cut identification
• Physical, chemical & optical properties
• Hardness & density testing
• Formation of gemstones & crystallography
• Properties of light, light dispersion & refractive index
• Gem identification by using equipments like microscope, refractometer & polariscope
• Identification of synthetic gems & simulants
• Identification of common treatments in gemstones
• Pearl grading : growth, varieties and identification of natural & imitations
• Identifying real diamond vs imitations
• Identifying different karats of gold (22k, 21k, 18k, 14k, 10k & 9k)
• Pricing and valuation
• Global market
• Practical lab work  

Scopes & Benefits:
You can start your own business
Can start your own training center
Can become a wholesale gems trader
Act as an advisor or consultant to reputed firms & clients
Become a freelancer
Work in diamond labs as a professional gemologist
Work in India & abroad    

Course duration: 8 weeks :: 2hrs :: Monday – Friday 

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