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Diploma in
Jewellery Designing

About the Course & its Benefits:
This course has been developed for those who want to build a career in the booming Gems & Jewellery industry.  

As a “Jewellery Designer” you will have the satisfaction of making your vision a reality. You can be a style leader who sets new trends when you become a jewellery designer or you might be a jewellery artist who earns a lucrative income selling hand-made jewellery to buyers who appreciate your work and are willing to pay more for unique pieces. 

Diploma awarded “Professional Jewellery Designer

Course Details:
• Introduction to jewellery designing
• Understand jewellery design theory & artistry
• Introduction to size & shapes of diamond & gemstones
• Drawing and illustration of faceted & non-faceted gemstones
• Draw basic freehand sketching using stencils
• Draw curves, geometric shapes, balancing & linking
• Render diamonds, colored stones & metal forms with color pencils
• Texture & finish in metal
• Practical factors of design
• Different types of stone setting in jewellery
• Advanced drawing & sketching of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces & bangles
• Designing various forms of jewellery (antique, kundan, traditional, fashion etc)
• Designing jewellery using parameters
• Custom made jewellery
• Practical aspects of jewellery
• Gold & silver calculation
• Diamonds & gemstones pricing
• Cleaning and care of jewellery
• Practical test

Scopes & Benefits:
You can start your own business
Can start your own training center
Become a jewellery design consultant
Become a life style consultant
Become a freelancer
Work as a jewellery designer in India & abroad   

Course duration: 8 weeks :: 2hrs :: Monday – Friday 

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© Copyright 2019 | IGA India | All Rights Reserved